Etienne Aigner Vintage Bag ?>

Etienne Aigner Vintage Bag

Etienne Aigner was a brand I was so proud of  – when I was a young adult and was just starting to become aware of the branded stuff.  I remember I had a small little blue purse from Etienne Aigner that I had bought for a few hundred dollars and was darn proud of it.  But today – I see that one can get an Etienne Aigner original bag for less than a few hundred dollars.  I had asked a girlfriend from home – why they are so cheap now – and she said it wasn’t a popular brand in Asia.   Quite shocking and sad but an Etienne Aigner is an Etienne Aigner right – so I scout around the online website to see if I can see anything i like – but alas – no such luck.

3 thoughts on “Etienne Aigner Vintage Bag

  1. I actually just bought almost the exact same bag earlier today and was just looking around to see its worth! What would you vale your handbag shown as?

  2. can you tell me the cost ,the measurements and description of the inside of the bag
    and the age of the bag

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