Daily Double Prince Bag From Roots ?>

Daily Double Prince Bag From Roots

010I ordered my Roots handbag like a few days ago, when I saw the 30% special for long time customers, a one day sale and I already got this this morning.  Without the 30% discount, it would be like $298 + 15% taxes , and that would come out to about $343.

011But because I’m so el cheapo, I didn’t buy it immediately when I saw it a few months because I knew that in October they will have some kinda of discount.  I was hoping to get like only 20% discount , but I got 30% woohooo!  Yes, el cheapo  I am but saving almost $100 why not right?


This is the leather handbag but there is some white spots near the handle at the back of the bag, I will be bringing it home to clean it and see if it comes off.  I’ve already called customer service to inform them about it.   Just in case i need to return it but i hope not, because it’s so troublesome and I wanna use my new handbag immediately.

014With several compartments, it would be awesome to be able to stay organized.  This isn’t my first bag from Roots and I love all of them.  I have like a collection of Roots handbags and have always like their customers service.  Most importantly, their leather is of very high quality, you don’t have to worry about having to be delicate with them, they can stand any kind of traveling.  With the discount, I only paid like $200 for my bag, definitely a steal.  Are you like me?  do you wait for a sale before buying things you like?  or do you go get your credit card out right away and spend money that you don’t have and can’t wait?

One thought on “Daily Double Prince Bag From Roots

  1. Hiii!! I was wondering for the daily double prince bag…what kind of leather was it in?

    I love your bags, very pretty!!! and ur daughter is so cute!!!! god bless 😀

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