Kao Liese Creamy Hair Coloring ?>

Kao Liese Creamy Hair Coloring


So I saw a review recently on one of the youtube channel of my favorite vlogger and she was doing her own hair dying with this new product she was using.  I never dye my own hair because I’m afraid that I might mess it up but you and I know that going to a salon is so expensive at times.  I just did my hair recently and even though I wasn’t too happy with it , I had to fork out about $180 including tips for my dyed hair.


So seeing that it was so easy to dye my hair if i use this , I figured I would order it and try it.  So in canada , we don’t have the Kao brand, so I found one on Amazon and ordered it.  Apparently, it came from Hong Kong and arrived within 15 days.  For about $20, I was able to get this mailed to me, not bad if you consider the fact that i just paid like $180 for something that I felt I could do myself.

I will try it soon and let you all know how I feel about it.

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