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Brazilian Wax


I thought I would share my personal experience about Brazilian wax for those who are thinking of doing it or doing it for the first time.  First of all, I should have done the Brazilian wax a long time ago, I think I was shy to spread my legs open and let some other woman see my pussy , that’s the only reason why I didn’t get it done sooner.

But really there is nothing to be shy about and a professional esthetician would try to make you less uncomfy and try to do it as quickly as possible.  And before I went for my brazilian wax , I read a lot about it and also watched videos about it.  But every spa and estheticians are different , while one would take every hair out , and even those in your butt hole, mine didn’t.  Maybe she is shy or maybe she just doesn’t do the entire brazilian wax which should consist of the top hair on your pussy and inside your labia and also in between your anal area.

 The good thing about removing all your hair in and around your pussy area is you never need to worry about smelling down there because if you pee or poop, you know that nothing will be left behind and therefore , there is no bad smell after a few hours.  But that’s only my personal experience.  I also found that my spouse liked it better that I’m hairless there and we had better sex after I had my brazilian wax, so I highly recommend it to everyone.

The discomfort and pain?  It really isn’t that painful but having said that , my pain threshold is a lot higher than most people and some people are very sensitive to waxing.  So if you are not sure, try waxing a bit at a time.  I also want to try sugaring because I hear sugaring is less painful.  In fact, I read that you can buy your own sugar online and do it yourself.  I’m game to try.  Will let you know the outcome.  And for those who wants to get a brazilian wax, go ahead , it’s awesome to be hairless.  So much cleaner and odorless.

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