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Guitar Sale ?>

Guitar Sale

For many who have known our entire family , you know how much we love our musical instruments and how talented my kids and some of their friends are .  So much so , we provide any of their friends to come jam at our home in the basement.  Whenever there is a sale at our favorite online store , you have to  check it out!  I love shopping here as much as my kids , because they have so…

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Digitech Whammy ?>

Digitech Whammy

Trust me , I didn’t know what a digitech whammy  was but after listening to it when the spouse bought it home , you have to wonder , why didn’t he get it earlier.   Yes , the spouse and his friends love fooling around with their guitars and when he played with his new toy the digitech whammy , wow ! I was indeed impressed.  I knew he played fairly decent but with the digitech whammy , it seems like…

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Lancome Juicy Shaker ?>

Lancome Juicy Shaker

The Lancome Juicy Shaker was bought many months ago because of all the hype , I of course had to try it even and seeing that it wasn’t so expensive , I bought 2 but ended up giving one away as I didn’t really like the color and the first one took forever to finish using it seems. So do I like it ?  yes , it isn’t bad at all  but definitely over-rated , would I buy it again…

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Eminence Firm Skin Acai Exfoliating Peel ?>

Eminence Firm Skin Acai Exfoliating Peel

So a few months ago, I was doing my facial and the local spa was carrying a new product and of course , anything to firm the skin is good for an old fart like I.  So I got sucked in and I wanted to try this new brand and new skin care.  At about $100 , you kinda want to be sure that it does what it says right?  It did last for a few months and I do…

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Music Book For Flute ?>

Music Book For Flute

When you live in a small town like I do, sometimes it’s hard to find music books for your kids , so we have to get them online.  The  essential elements flute  was something that I had found online for my kid who is playing the flute in school right now.  Since there isn’t a decent music store in our area, I find it easier and cheaper to purchase the music books that I need or want online .   Plus…

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Birthday Present For An Old Fart ?>

Birthday Present For An Old Fart

Who doesn’t want a prada bag right?  It’s Prada ! after all and if the spouse is willing to get it for me , even a used one , I’m happy with it.  But of course, the spouse would think I’m crazy getting a $2500 handbag and US dollars at that too.  Which means it would come up to about $3000 Cdn. It is a beauty even though it had been used before but $2500 USD can definitely get me…

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Face Shop Mask Sale ?>

Face Shop Mask Sale

For those like I , who have been dying to try the Face Shop masks , this is your chance to do it , as they are having a special offer.  Buy 10 and get 5 free, not a bad deal at all.  So of course I ordered some and free delivery for $45 and above for Canada only  , plus some other freebies that comes with it when you order now.    The do have an international site , so…

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Investment On Music Studio At Home ?>

Investment On Music Studio At Home

For those who have been reading up on my last few post , we have a music room at our basement .  We were prepared to invest a lot more on musical instruments for our kids and  even though we are adding them slowly but surely, this month we have decided to get a  little phatty  for investment purpose. The little phatty is within our price range and I’ve read good reviews about it and I read the tones are…

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Highlighters For Face ?>

Highlighters For Face

I have been searching for a highlighter for my face for the longest time.  I didn’t want to pay too much for the highlighter as I’ve already tried several from a cheap brand to a more expensive brand like Benefit.   But none seems to do what I want or rather, they don’t look like what I see what others put on pictures on their Instagram or Facebook. Anyhow, I saw some posted on someone’s vlog recently and decided to give…

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Microphones For Christmas ?>

Microphones For Christmas

Making some last minute shopping buy and found some  good microphones for recording  for my kid who had been dabbling a bit with his music studio in the basement.  I know he needed some as he had been doing some jamming and recording with friends from school and what better than to get him a really good microphone instead of a normal one that he is using borrowed from a friend from school. But since I really didn’t know what…

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Brazilian Wax ?>

Brazilian Wax

I thought I would share my personal experience about Brazilian wax for those who are thinking of doing it or doing it for the first time.  First of all, I should have done the Brazilian wax a long time ago, I think I was shy to spread my legs open and let some other woman see my pussy , that’s the only reason why I didn’t get it done sooner. But really there is nothing to be shy about and…

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Music Room For Home ?>

Music Room For Home

Having a music room at home had been something we had planned to do for the longest time.  Now that the cottage is renovated, we figured we can section out a room in the basement and let the children use it as a music room or even a jamming room for the boys.  Some  headphone extension is definitely required and of course they already have all their instruments, so we need not worry about that.  But to sound proof the…

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Monthly Pedicure Fail ?>

Monthly Pedicure Fail

Yes, I was supposed to do my pedicure on a monthly basis but I’m a complete fail this year again because it’s already September and I think I’ve only been for 3 pedicures thus far.  Yes total failure, just no time and because I don’t drive and need to wait for the spouse to do so and work had been so crazy and I had to deal with my kid’s emotional breakdown – a mini one, so there no time…

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Mother & Daughter Manicure ?>

Mother & Daughter Manicure

Yes, we went up to the city earlier this week and while waiting for the spouse to do his shopping , my daughter and I went into a nail shop in the city and had our nails done.  She doesn’t usually get her nails done but it’s a bonding time for us and she does love her pretty nails. The nail shop were owned by a Vietnamese family and even though they were about to close for the day, since…

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Canmake Lash Care Essense ?>

Canmake Lash Care Essense

Lash Care Essence from Canmake is make in Japan, everything on the little bottle is written in Japanese, that`s how I know.  It`s transparent in color and comes with like a spongy  It cost like $10 USD if I am not wrong and it arrived really quickly , we ordered it online.  So how does it work ?  I feel like it is working and that my lashes are thicker a little and also feel like the bottom lashes are…

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Beautiful Music In The Garden ?>

Beautiful Music In The Garden

  We entertain so much in the summer, the garden is always the place that we entertain, so the spouse has put outdoor speakers as well as hooking it up to our Bose system, that way we can have beautiful music playing in the background as we sit and enjoy the summer and our friends.  I loved the  clarinet  the most and wished that one of my children would learn how to play it.  But since none of them do,…

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New Music Gear ?>

New Music Gear

 So the youngest wanted to buy a vintage mandolin for the summer and take some classes with some friends.  Of course, like any good parents, we said yes and went hunting for her , so that she can join her group of hippie friends for their new adventures during the summer.  But not without getting them a aandf  mandolin case for the vintage mandolin. I wouldn’t have spent so much money on the mandolin but the spouse indulges on the…

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Kao Liese Creamy Hair Coloring ?>

Kao Liese Creamy Hair Coloring

So I saw a review recently on one of the youtube channel of my favorite vlogger and she was doing her own hair dying with this new product she was using.  I never dye my own hair because I’m afraid that I might mess it up but you and I know that going to a salon is so expensive at times.  I just did my hair recently and even though I wasn’t too happy with it , I had to…

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