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Kate White Eye Lash Maximizer ?>

Kate White Eye Lash Maximizer

Yes! i finally received my Kate White eyelash maximizer that I’ve forgotten that I got my spouse to order from ebay ! hahah!  I guess I’m just getting too many things in the mail.  But yes, I tried it immediately the next day and it did work !  so for that $12 USD and another $2.50 in shipping , it was worth it.  Plus I honestly forgotten all about it and even though it came all the way from Hong…

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Wet & Wild Floral Bouquet Eyeshadow ?>

Wet & Wild Floral Bouquet Eyeshadow

I’ve heard so many good things about the Wet & Wild Cosmetic , unfortunately, I haven’t seen any here in my small town.  So when I chance upon it at Walmart – I had to get something even though i didn’t need anything.   Afterall, how can one go wrong with eyeshadow that is less than $4 !!  yes, ! so darn cheap right? If you haven’t tried wet & wild , I say to go out and get some ,…

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First Time With Falsies ?>

First Time With Falsies

I’ve never put on falsies before but i figured at my age , I should try just about everything right?  so I braved it and bought myself a set of falsies for less than $10.  And like any amateur, I thought I would be a pro at it.   But let me tell you , it was harder than it looks!  mannn! i’ve tried it on so many times, epic failure each time and it’s been a few weeks since…

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Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara ?>

Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara

I’ve always wanted to get this because if you are anything like me, and have very little bottom lashes, this is God – sent!   the brush is so mini, even the tiniest bottom lashes can be coated without any trouble.  I think the bottom lash mascara is like $12 if I am not wrong from Shopper’s Drug Mart, so it isn’t expensive at all.  I know I will be buying it again.

Almay Shadow Softies ?>

Almay Shadow Softies

For those of you who don’t already know this, I’ve been shopping like crazy for make ups because I finally feel a need to put on some make up to make myself look more presentable.  Even though the spouse said I don’t need it, I feel that as a woman there is a need to make one look presentable. So I’ve been trying out a lot of stuff lately as you can see in my previous posts.  Anyhow, today I…

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Eye Catching Eyewear This Summer ?>

Eye Catching Eyewear This Summer

Found some eye catching eyewear for this summer – loved this one!  from Lolita Heart Patchwork – Tumbleweeds Handcraft at $59 – get it from FAB.  With UV protection up to 400 and the glass is shatter proof  – it’s a  pretty awesome sunglass and you know you want it because it’s so cute and unique.

Tinting My Eyelashes ?>

Tinting My Eyelashes

Tinting one’s eyelashes isn’t expensive at all – but what does tinting of your eyelashes do for you?  especially if you have short eyelashes like mine?  will it make it longer and more prominent?  your guess is as good as mine – so i’m making an appointment with my esthetician and go try it out and let you know – stay tune.  In the meantime, if you are thinking of doing the same thing – here’s a video I found…

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Look Good & Do Good ?>

Look Good & Do Good

Love that combination – don’t you ?  all women wants to look good – but not all women can do good – so lets hope a lot of you out there – will try to look good and do good this holiday season.  This is how –  Amy Sacks  who not only make stylish looking glasses – they are very affordable too!  no bullshitting here.   For every purchase you make – it will help animals in need of care, food…

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Maybelline Instant Age Rewind ?>

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind

Now at first I thought it was some wrinkle stick for your eye bags but I was wrong – it’s like a concealer – a treatment concealer that’s what they are saying and it erases crease and under eye puffiness and dark circles.  I was hoping that it’s more like a cream – but it’s not as you can see – and with sponge like this – wouldn’t it just clog up after using it the first time?  It’s not…

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Puffy & Saggy Eyes ?>

Puffy & Saggy Eyes

Notice the puffy and saggy eyes lately?  so have I !  you and I know that around our eyes – that skin area is very sensitive and I get white heads all the time there.  And I also noticed that when you apply eye makeups – the area surrounding your eyes well – lets just say it turns black in color.  As time goes by – you will noticed that you not only get dark looking eyes like a panda…

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Dark Under Eyes Circles ?>

Dark Under Eyes Circles

Darn! not enough sleep again i am guessing.  I am just stubborn like that and love to push my body to the max by sleeping late and waking up real early.  No wonder my dark under eye circles is not just bags they are luggage!   Time to hit the sack early but first to take care of those ugly looking dark circles – that is making me look like a panda bear and the everyone in the office is asking…

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Remedies For Dark Eye Circles ?>

Remedies For Dark Eye Circles

I have been having a cold for a few days now – and not really getting enough rest – coz’ i keep waking up to sneeze or blow my nose.  On top of it – the spouse is also down with the same cold – so we think – so you can see why I have dark eye circles and luggages under my eyes now.  You really don’t want to see how I look right now – but it’s bad…

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Sugared Eyebrows ?>

Sugared Eyebrows

So I went to get a haircut the other day with my daughter and the hairstylist was flooded with calls – with people who needed to sugar their eyebrows.  Now that raised my eyebrows too – I am used to waxing my eyebrows – so i asked her what’s the difference?  I heard of the stripless waxing – that was something new to me a year ago now when another esthetician recommended it to me.  So anyhow – this is…

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Waxing ?>


Waxing can get very expensive but DIY can be time consuming and plus one can’t really do it properly if you are like me short-sighted.  So this month I had to hold off my  Cole Haan that i had been eyeing on and get my upper lips and eyebrows done.  Well, with the eyebrows you can still do it yourself.. if you are diligent enough and do it every couple of days to keep them tamed but the upper lips…

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Anti-Wrinkle Firming Eye Cream ?>

Anti-Wrinkle Firming Eye Cream

For $14.99 – it’s worth trying i told myself and woman my age – 45 soon – must learn to take time and take care of not only their skin or  how to lose weight fast but to give attention to every part of their body and health too – that goes without saying. So my g/fs are anxious to know what i think of this Garnier Lift Anti-Wrinkle Firming Eye Contour Cream –  well, it’s perfume free it said…..

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Eye Bags Saver – Garnier Roll On ?>

Eye Bags Saver – Garnier Roll On

New in the market..?? i don’t know if it is .. but I had recently been plagued by eye bags .. actually eye luggages .. more like it .. due to lack of sleep.. and lots of work.  Who doesn’t want awesome looking eyes right..??  i’m no different than any other woman other there.. and this Garnier roll on.. is easy to use .. and simply awesome. The roll on actually massages below your eyes.. and thus massages your eyes…

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Gem Of Life Episode 33 & Shapely Eyebrows ?>

Gem Of Life Episode 33 & Shapely Eyebrows

Gem Of Life Episode 33 is ready to watch and download at my buddy’s blog and I just noticed what shapely brows these actress have.  So envy…!!  i don’t know what’s with the Asian woman and their eyebrows.. but they all looked so nice..!! and i cannot stand it.. if i don’t get mine done regularly.  What about you ..??

Eyes Enhancer ?>

Eyes Enhancer

I cannot helped but took a second look at Cover Girl’s enhancer eye shadow.  They were absolutely pretty.. i tell yer.. 🙂 This 3 kit shadows colors were hand picked by professional make up artiste .. and you can mix and max the colors that suits you the best.  I liked the shimmering effect when applied on your eyes, great for those teenagers too.. who are going back to school in a few days.  And the best part of it…

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Mascara ?>


Mascara is a must for all working girls or even staying at home mum but there are so many out there.. which one is the best buy.. and the most value for money..?? I don’t want to spend all my money on buying a few .. to try. So I would try one at a time. .and if i found something that works..i recommend them to my girlfriends. And i also get tips from my girlfriends.. who usually try different…

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