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Investment On Music Studio At Home ?>

Investment On Music Studio At Home

For those who have been reading up on my last few post , we have a music room at our basement .  We were prepared to invest a lot more on musical instruments for our kids and  even though we are adding them slowly but surely, this month we have decided to get a  little phatty  for investment purpose. The little phatty is within our price range and I’ve read good reviews about it and I read the tones are…

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Kao Liese Creamy Hair Coloring ?>

Kao Liese Creamy Hair Coloring

So I saw a review recently on one of the youtube channel of my favorite vlogger and she was doing her own hair dying with this new product she was using.  I never dye my own hair because I’m afraid that I might mess it up but you and I know that going to a salon is so expensive at times.  I just did my hair recently and even though I wasn’t too happy with it , I had to…

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Samurai Sword Hair Cutting ?>

Samurai Sword Hair Cutting

Interesting but definitely scary , just saw this on youtube today and thought I would share this with you all.  Would you let someone cut your hair with a sword?  I would if he can make me look prettier , what about you?

Ipsy Bag : September ?>

Ipsy Bag : September

As usual, I got my Ipsy bag around the middle of the month.  And it came in the same package and as always, I’m excited about receiving anything that is cosmetic to help me stay presentable.  For those who are not aware of this, the Ipsy bag is from USA and you have to subscribe to it monthly but you can discontinue anytime you want.   For those of you who wants to subscribe to the Ipsy bag and receive some…

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First Time With Falsies ?>

First Time With Falsies

I’ve never put on falsies before but i figured at my age , I should try just about everything right?  so I braved it and bought myself a set of falsies for less than $10.  And like any amateur, I thought I would be a pro at it.   But let me tell you , it was harder than it looks!  mannn! i’ve tried it on so many times, epic failure each time and it’s been a few weeks since…

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Sandgren Swedish Clogs ?>

Sandgren Swedish Clogs

I have been wanting one of this clogs for ages now but because my freaking legs hurt so much , I didn’t get it.  How can one justify getting a clog for $129 + tax and shipping when you cannot wear it.  But wait a min.  Sandgrens had a sale like last month and I couldn’t resist it because it was at half price.  So even though my legs still hurt when I don’t wear proper shoes, I bought it,…

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MAC Fix + ?>

MAC Fix +

So everyone was swearing by MAC Fix +  for your after make up mineral water, it’s supposed to make your face look nice and keep your make up intact.  So I decided to try it out when it showed up in one of my advertiser’s website.  A week later, it came in the mail for me.  I was quite excited to try it out as it retails for like $28 + tax for this bottle of mineral water. This is…

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No More White Hair ?>

No More White Hair

I finally broke down and got my hair dyed, and not just streaks this time, but the entire head – woohoo!  so no more white hair.  I wanted to turn lighter but the hairstylist didn’t think that it was such a good idea and instead chose like a reddish in color for me.  I’m ok with the color but I would still prefer to go lighter the next time.  Why?  because it’s really bright when the sun hits the hair…

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La Senza’s Visit ?>

La Senza’s Visit

During our last visit to the city, we had to go to La Senza of course!  afterall, the one we had in this small town just didn’t make it and they closed it again a few years ago.  Bummer!  Unfortunately, La Senza don’t have anything good for bigger boobs woman like myself, I still prefer American Eagles Bra and panties but I had to go check it out all the same. I didn’t find anything but the girlfriend found a…

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Etsy To The Rescue ?>

Etsy To The Rescue

When you are like me – buying for so many people/friends from overseas and so busy during the Christmas season, you can be sure that you may have forgotten about someone that you want to thank.  This is me of course, so I went to Etsy during the 11th hour and ordered some awesome handmade soap and scrubs for my friends from Australia, Asia and also in UK.  Yes, I spent like $200+ USD on Etsy but it was all…

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Holiday Sleep Wear From Roots ?>

Holiday Sleep Wear From Roots

Some people just don’t know the importance of a good sleep wear but what is more important than to be really comfy when you are sleeping in your sleepwear for at least 8 hrs if not more.   Roots sleepwear may cost a little more but I can assure you it’s worth it.  For about $30, you get this pair of very warm and fuzzy sleepwear, I bought 2 online and nothing pleases me more than good sleepwear during Christmas.

Eternity Scarf ?>

Eternity Scarf

    I had seen some at Payless last week and wanted to get some for myself and my kid. But the one that I saw was like $20 and for a plain looking one I didn’t want to pay so much, so Etsy it is to look for some.  But is the eternity scarf for everyone – I hear you asking?  so I decided to buy one and try it and let you know because if the Eternity Scarf…

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Fall Going Into Winter ?>

Fall Going Into Winter

  As much as I hate admitting that winter is just round the corner, I have no choice since the snow did fall yesterday.  Layered dressing is a must these days and even though it can be quite tedious and bulky looking at times, one can still look trendy. As much as I like the above look, the original pricing for some items are way too expensive and what I usually do is to find substitute for the same kinda…

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Target The New Zellers ?>

Target The New Zellers

So the Target store opened its door in Halifax and it’s definitely a lot better than the old Zellers although they are carrying some of the old stuff.  But you can see that they’ve renovated the store and everything is brand spanking new.  I loved that you can use the trolley escalator when you are going down the basement without having to abandon your shopping cart and look for another in the basement.  I wished that Target would open one…

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Doremon Flu Mask ?>

Doremon Flu Mask

The flu season is just round the corner and even though it’s not popular here to wear a flu mask – it is in Asia, so this year, I’m going to start a trend here in the West and educate the people here to wear a flu mask that way, I don’t spread my germs around and even if I don’t have a cold or flu, it’s great to use it at work.  I bought mine from gonoturn for USD…

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Summer Beauty Fest ?>

Summer Beauty Fest

  Helping a friend set up a beauty tent in the park for the summer beauty fest held out of town for the beauty pageant was fun.  With  toggle clamp  and a few good girlfriends, we managed to have the tent set up in an hour – not bad for a few girls only right?  The summer beauty fest is in conjunction with the local beauty pageant and the friend who owns her own spa had volunteered her services for…

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Summer Casual ?>

Summer Casual

I want to dress up like this for the summer – but it turns out everything can be very expensive – like that silk top  – which is at $260 at net a  Not all can afford something like that but one can definitely admire the cut as well as the material even by looking at it.  But I’m sure I can find a cheaper alternative for it but for those who can afford it, sure go ahead and…

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Party In Style ?>

Party In Style

So we girls had a party to attend and we didn’t want to go to the party with just your ordinary clothes after all it is a wine tasting and seafood extravaganza, so they called it.  Tickets were cheap enough for all of us to go, so we promised ourselves that we are going to party in style.  We asked for limo service from  limo st pete  to pick all of us up, mainly because we are all going to…

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Plus Size & Still Look Fabulous! ?>

Plus Size & Still Look Fabulous!

Yes, you don’t have to look sloppy even if you are plus size – and after chancing on the fat girl’s guide blog – I’m pretty sure that plus size girls need not look or feel sloppy. One of the main reason some people are sloppy or only wears t-shirts is because they claimed they can’t find anything that fit them.  But really that is not true – especially if you are living in the West.  There are way too…

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