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Kao Liese Creamy Hair Coloring ?>

Kao Liese Creamy Hair Coloring

So I saw a review recently on one of the youtube channel of my favorite vlogger and she was doing her own hair dying with this new product she was using.  I never dye my own hair because I’m afraid that I might mess it up but you and I know that going to a salon is so expensive at times.  I just did my hair recently and even though I wasn’t too happy with it , I had to…

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Samurai Sword Hair Cutting ?>

Samurai Sword Hair Cutting

Interesting but definitely scary , just saw this on youtube today and thought I would share this with you all.  Would you let someone cut your hair with a sword?  I would if he can make me look prettier , what about you?

No More White Hair ?>

No More White Hair

I finally broke down and got my hair dyed, and not just streaks this time, but the entire head – woohoo!  so no more white hair.  I wanted to turn lighter but the hairstylist didn’t think that it was such a good idea and instead chose like a reddish in color for me.  I’m ok with the color but I would still prefer to go lighter the next time.  Why?  because it’s really bright when the sun hits the hair…

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Riding In Style ?>

Riding In Style

We started taking up riding lessons last year and the spouse and I received a pair of  Tuff Hedeman Cowboy Hats  each from his nieces for Christmas and we loved it.  And now that the kid seen our new cowboy hats, she wants one too – I’m glad we are able to order them online.  There is a pink one that is made with wool and she just adores it when she saw it, a wee bit expensive than what…

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Children & Hair Cuts ?>

Children & Hair Cuts

I know of some parents who would spend tons of money on their kids hair and not just cutting and taking care of them but letting them color their hair and cutting them in style that no one does back home.   Hair cuts and coloring are expensive here in this little town and sometimes I wonder how people can afford to style their kids’ hair the way they do.  When I was a kid – we never went for expensive…

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A Little Crazy About Hats ?>

A Little Crazy About Hats

Yes! I’m a little crazy about hats and cannot resist it – even though it is not the season for hats – I still bought this from Mark’s Wearhouse when I went to get a vest for the winter.  And they weren’t even on sale – but definitely cheaper than the ones I bought from Etsy.  So the spouse said to me – so your Etsy hat isn’t as exclusive as you think it was eh.  Oh well – it…

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Hand Made Angry Bird Toque ?>

Hand Made Angry Bird Toque

Someone locally is making these toque at $18 – for winter.  Not bad at all – I’m ordering one for my kid – if you want one – let me know – I’m sure she will be able to mail it to you.  Some people are so talented eh. Oh and she can make it to the size you want – special orders can be made.

Kepp Jones Hat ?>

Kepp Jones Hat

I finally bought my very first Kepp Jones hat from Etsy – and it cost me $ 48.  Handmade from upcycle material – I love the way it sits on the head.  I’ve always had a hat on because of how cold the weather is here – and it’s a great thing to have – when you need to send your kid to school at 8am in the morning. I’ve read many good reviews about Sparky Jones – and I…

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