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Kao Liese Creamy Hair Coloring ?>

Kao Liese Creamy Hair Coloring

So I saw a review recently on one of the youtube channel of my favorite vlogger and she was doing her own hair dying with this new product she was using.  I never dye my own hair because I’m afraid that I might mess it up but you and I know that going to a salon is so expensive at times.  I just did my hair recently and even though I wasn’t too happy with it , I had to…

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Samurai Sword Hair Cutting ?>

Samurai Sword Hair Cutting

Interesting but definitely scary , just saw this on youtube today and thought I would share this with you all.  Would you let someone cut your hair with a sword?  I would if he can make me look prettier , what about you?

My Last Ipsy Bag Review ?>

My Last Ipsy Bag Review

Yes, this is my last ipsy bag review and I’ve canceled my order in October after trying it for a few months.  There is no obligation when you sign up and you get 4 – 5 items depending on the survey you took when you first signed up.  It could be hair products, make up and hand creams or/some beauty products.  The cost is USD $10 and since I’m in Canada, I had to pay an extra $5 for shipping…

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Saving My Hair ?>

Saving My Hair

As you all know, it’s no fun when a woman loses their hair and I for one seems to be doing that.  But at 49, you can’t expect not to lose some hair eh, but I seems to be losing a lot of it since I had my kid at 39. So I would just about try anything that would help.  I saw this at Shopper’s Drug Mart today and at $45, it isn’t cheap, so I wanted to go…

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Nioxin Diamax Hair Treatment ?>

Nioxin Diamax Hair Treatment

My hair had always been thin but after having my daughter it is worst and like every woman out there, we are worried about losing our crown of glory.  So one day while I was having a trim with my kid, I asked my hair stylist what she recommends and she told me about Nioxin Diamax Hair Treatment and of course without reading about it, I bought this $50+ treatment because I was so pleased that it might help my…

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Johnson’s Buddies No More Tangles Spray ?>

Johnson’s Buddies No More Tangles Spray

My lil’ brat’s hair doesn’t really tangle that much but seeing that she complains each time I washed her hair and get it blow dry and it gets tangled up, I thought that buying a detangler might help, so that she doesn’t whine as much. We used it twice and it didn’t seems to make a difference at all, the spray liquid smell nice but overall, it didn’t make un-tangling any easier.  So no, I won’t be buying this again. …

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Rainforest Balance Shampoo From Body Shop ?>

Rainforest Balance Shampoo From Body Shop

I have oily hair and used to buy the Body Shop’s ice blue shampoo till they discontinued the product, so I was left with no choice but to try other brands only to find that they are not good at all.  So here I am trying out another line of product from the Body Shop again – like a sucker – hahah!! The Rainforest Balance shampoo is supposedly to work with oily hair and since mine is – I bought…

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Piggy Paint Nail Polish In Town ?>

Piggy Paint Nail Polish In Town

Yay! they are finally in town and I need not order it from online no more and pay for shipping.  They also have the nail polish remover as well – pretty awesome !  I will check it out next week and let you know what I’ve found and to compare prices from the USA site and the Canadian local store. Stay tuned.

Satin Sugar : Dry Shampoo ?>

Satin Sugar : Dry Shampoo

For those who’ve never heard about dry shampoo – check out Satin Sugar from Cake – this is for the busy girl – who needs a bit of lift and refreshing on the hair.  I know I always need this because my hair gets oily so fast – it’s crazy!  $18 – put some on your palm – lightly brush them into your hair – it absorbs the oil – and give it not only a fresh look but a…

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Brushing Your Hair Daily ?>

Brushing Your Hair Daily

So I was told by my mom to brush my hair daily – or at least 100 times before I go to bed  – so that my hair will look shiny the next day and to keep my hair healthy.  I was doing it for the longest time – only to find out that it is not true.  you see – brushing one’s hair pulls hair out of their follicles and thus – it will weaken the hair strands –…

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Gettng Bolder With Hair Coloring ?>

Gettng Bolder With Hair Coloring

So i got my hair colored again – but this time a more bolder color – and all because there were a few whites showing – tell me how vain am I – hahah! but can you blame me – at 46 – you don’t really want to show whites so soon right – but alas, time is not kind to me – so I have to do what I know best – and to color my hair. My new…

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Fix Your Dirty Hair With No Shampoo ?>

Fix Your Dirty Hair With No Shampoo

My hair gets greasy after just 1.5 days of washing it – and sometimes I get so busy I really have no time to jump into the shower just before work – so what do one do? well, usually i just go to work with dirty hair and hope that the people I meet that day won’t notice it so much.  But having said that – I feel horrid – almost like I have a very low self-esteem walking around…

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Bangs That Fit Your Face ?>

Bangs That Fit Your Face

For the longest time – I let my hair stylist do what they want with my bangs – but I come out looking like a – uummhhhmm – i wouldn’t say stupid looking – but plain.  And I don’t like that at all – I mean come on – I already have such a simple cut each time and cutting one’s hair at a salon ain’t cheap at all – at least $35 – tips included.  So when I saw…

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Shinier Hair For Everyone ?>

Shinier Hair For Everyone

I love my straight hair and I feel that it does make me look younger – had i permed my hair – I think I would definitely looked like an “aunty”.  But I could never make my hair as shiny as her – or anyone that I know who have long hair – my hair just looks dull in comparison with other people with straight and long hair.  So I went on a mission, in search to look how to…

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Tea Tree Oil Shampoo ?>

Tea Tree Oil Shampoo

I heard that there was a tea tree oil shampoo for hair of course  – we’ve all heard about tea tree oil right?  for acne and good for healing blemish and even some itchiness for the feet.  But I’ve never heard of tea tree oil shampoo – so i had to go find out more about it.  Maybe this shampoo can help my scalp not to get oily so quickly eh!  I do have an oily scalp and have no…

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Oh So Cute ?>

Oh So Cute


My Crown Of Glory ?>

My Crown Of Glory

I used to have more hair on the top than that – but I’ve been steadily losing my hair.  Yes! it’s darn scary – and I’ve also noticed that my hair loss was a lot worst after having my daughter.  But after my fibroid operation some 2 years ago – I am not losing that much hair.  But still the bald patch can be quite daunting to most woman. But they say that losing up to 100 strands of hair…

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Protein Rich Duo Therapy ?>

Protein Rich Duo Therapy

So you all know that I had my hair colored a few days ago – and i had rushed off because it took like almost 2 hrs if i was not wrong – and the stylist was busy too – she had people coming in.  Anyhow – i knew i had to get something for the color – since this time unlike the last one – i had it done a lot more visible and a lot more coloring.  So…

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New Hair Color ?>

New Hair Color

So I had my hair color redone – FINALLY! after year!  but this time – i didn’t want to stain my mattress and use a DIY color – i went to a real salon and a bolder color too.  The last time i had mine colored was a year ago – so i finally found time to do it and even though it was busy at work – i still made it – albeit a bit late. I had highlights…

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Itchy Scalp ?>

Itchy Scalp

I won’t say my scalp is dry but it started like a few months ago – my scalp started getting itchy even after i’ve just showered and washed my hair.  How irritating is that?  i had asked my hair stylist and she said she didn’t think that there was a skin problem nor did she see any lice.  Big relieve – coz’ i hate lice and i had them once when i was a kid. So what could it be? …

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