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Mother & Daughter Manicure ?>

Mother & Daughter Manicure

Yes, we went up to the city earlier this week and while waiting for the spouse to do his shopping , my daughter and I went into a nail shop in the city and had our nails done.  She doesn’t usually get her nails done but it’s a bonding time for us and she does love her pretty nails. The nail shop were owned by a Vietnamese family and even though they were about to close for the day, since…

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Essie ?>


Touted to be one of the best nail polishes around, I figured I should checked them out too.  So i’ve been to several places in the mall to check the prices and mannnn!!  they are by far the most expensive nail polishes I’ve had.  About $10 a bottle, i cannot afford to buy a lot so I started only with 2. But there were so many colors to choose from and I do like a lot of them but the…

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Glamor Gloves ?>

Glamor Gloves

As soon as I saw this – I knew I was going to get this for Aunt Helena for Christmas – because she cook for us so much after my mother-in-law passed away earlier this year.  I loved the glamor gloves a lot – I might even get one for myself – if they come cheap after Christmas.  So if you are looking for a stocking stuffer – this Christmas – this might be something you want to consider –…

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Painting Your Own Nails ?>

Painting Your Own Nails

Painting your own nails can be really fun.  I rarely paint my nails since the kid was born because I didn’t have time to wait for it to dry.  Don’t get me wrong, I do go for manicures and pedicures especially pedicures but painting my nails I didn’t want to do because I didn’t want my nails to turn color if you don’t take the polish off in time and let some sun go in the nails. But once in…

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Gel Manicure – DIY ?>

Gel Manicure – DIY

I’ve never heard of Gel Manicure till my girlfriend told me about it and apparently – there are the very expensive ones from OPI to the very cheap ones from NutraNail.  And they are supposed to last longer and no worries about chip nails and you can do it at home.  Pretty easy too.  So I went out to get myself a bottle to try out but like any cheaper stuff I was worried that I may not get it…

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Manicure and Pedicure Secrets ?>

Manicure and Pedicure Secrets

Some say what you don’t know – won’t kill you  – haha! but that’s not true because for a diabetic like myself – I was shocked to read that some manicurist or beautician don’t clean their equipment the way they should.  The law does not require them to keep up their hygienic standards – so they will not be closed down if they did not sterilized their equipments properly. Equipment not cleaned properly can caused you a lot of grieve…

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Glittery Nail Polish For Kids ?>

Glittery Nail Polish For Kids

The kid when for a princess tea party a few weeks ago – and there was this glittery nail polish that only shines in the sun and light – it turns pink – and I’m out looking for it.  So far – I only found the above but was told by a customer of ours to go to Lawtons to check it out – so I’m gonna be there this weekend to get some not only for myself but for…

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Dicoloration Of Your Nails ?>

Dicoloration Of Your Nails

For the longest time I avoided putting nail polish on my nails because I’m worried about discoloration or my nails turning yellow in color.  I’ve always thought that one need to “air” your nails – but apparently I am wrong.  According to my nail specialist she said that our nails do not need to breathe because it doesn’t have any pores like our skin.  So one can actually polish one’s nail 365 days a year – without worrying about discoloration. …

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Getting Ready For Winter ?>

Getting Ready For Winter

Brrrrr..!! it’s cold out there!  and it’s not even winter yet ! only fall here – but I’m so preparing for winter – and this handwarmer is something that I must have this winter even though I am in the store all the time – it’ not always the warmest first thing in the morning.  And I type so much on the computer for work and for fun.  So yes!  this hand warmer will definitely keep my hands warm.  Found…

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Nail Polish Safe For Your Kids ?>

Nail Polish Safe For Your Kids

Like any parents in the world – you wonder what to do – when you lil’ girl decide she wants to play mummy or fashion model.  Yes! i’ve been meaning to hunt down non toxic nail polishes for my daughter – who loves dressing up but hates the smell of grown up nail polishes. Albeit a bit expensive – i wouldn’t risk giving the kid hives because she might be allergic to some ingredients of the usual nail polishes. Piggy…

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Nail Spa ?>

Nail Spa

How many of you go and get your nails and feet done regular..??  in a nail spa..??  not just a girlfriend’s house.. or a party for you and the gals.  Like a real spa..??  so that your nails gets professional help..?? not just for nail art.. but for the wellness of your nails. Well a nail spa is not like your neighbourhood facial place that also does nails.. or your toe nails by filing it down and painting it the…

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When Easterly Showers Fall On The Sunny West Episode 6 & Doing My Nails ?>

When Easterly Showers Fall On The Sunny West Episode 6 & Doing My Nails

When Easterly Showers Fall On The Sunny West Episode 6 was up for watching .. but i had a nail appt.  So what i did..??  of course .. i put the show on my USB key.. and then brought my laptop into the nail salon and watch it while i did my nails. Crazy awesome right..??  The other mummies there .. was really amused.. they asked if i mind they share the show with me.. i said.. not at all. …

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Soft Hands All Year Long ?>

Soft Hands All Year Long

I donch usually get the luxury of time to go for a manicure.. and we all know that taking care of our hands are very important. Even though i do alot of dishes and housework.. i still need to take care of myself.. and the most basic starts with one’s hand. What about you ..?? To keep my hands soft all year long.. i make sure to moisturize it .. every nite.. and as soon as i am done with…

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