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Mother & Daughter Manicure ?>

Mother & Daughter Manicure

Yes, we went up to the city earlier this week and while waiting for the spouse to do his shopping , my daughter and I went into a nail shop in the city and had our nails done.  She doesn’t usually get her nails done but it’s a bonding time for us and she does love her pretty nails. The nail shop were owned by a Vietnamese family and even though they were about to close for the day, since…

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Fisher Price Baby Swing ?>

Fisher Price Baby Swing

Yup!  we got a baby swing for p/time help , for his new baby coz’ this was one thing I regretted not getting for my baby when she was a new born.  This could have saved us lots of sleep and lots of headache because our baby was terrible at sleeping.  For the price we paid for the swing, it was definitely worth it for our p/time help at the store.  After all, you have to treat your co-workers good…

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Creating Music On Computer ?>

Creating Music On Computer

I’m not as tech savvy as the spouse but when it comes to music, I’m very interested in it because I just started playing the piano again.  And the youngest is learning how to play the piano too, so when the spouse said he wanted to get a  MF mpk  I’m all for it because I want to be able to create some music on my computer as I’m doing some youtube videos for one of my make up channels….

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Christmas Concert ?>

Christmas Concert

The yearly Christmas concert for the kid’s school is just round the corner.  It’s a big event for the entire school, so like any mom of the school, we volunteer to do their make up and costumes as well.  I know that the school bought some  manhasset music stands at musicians friend  for the concert – so that the older students can sit and play their instruments this year and while the younger ones are just singing, it would be…

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Justice Clothing Store In Nova Scotia ?>

Justice Clothing Store In Nova Scotia

When it comes to buying clothes for the kids, moms like us spare no thought of the prices.  We thought that Justice were only in Toronto and Vancouver and was pleasantly surprised that they have one at the Mic Mac Mall.  My kids were shouting with joy when they saw one in the basement and of course, we went crazy and bought jackets and dresses and blouses.  But they were on 40 % sale, so was definitely worth buying.  Check…

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Back To School Shopping ?>

Back To School Shopping

Back to school shopping is a must for everyone around here, my girlfriends from another town just informed me that they will be in town this weekend to shop for their kids and to sell textbooks  to some people in this town.   Many years ago, we would shop for my kid right when the summer holiday starts but we realised that things gets cheaper, in fact more discounts just before the school starts.  So we are not in so much…

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Music Room Makeover ?>

Music Room Makeover

I was asked to help a friend makeover her kids’ music room and since there were so many kind of instruments in that room – I’ve decided to get some classic guitar wall mount at WWBW  for her.   Not only will this room have more space, after using the wall mount, she will see that all the instruments will be neatly hung up and there will be no excuse for the kids to leave them on the floor or the…

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Mother’s Day Gift ?>

Mother’s Day Gift

Made of Sterling Silver – if you don’t know what to get for your mom – I recommend this totally !  so meaningful and since it’s real sterling silver – you know it’s not going to tarnish or make your wrist turn green.  Found on Etsy, you can do this for your aunt, your godmother or even your grandmother.  But be prepared to pay at leat $60.00 for them. A beautiful bracelet to express the love between a mother and…

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Spa With Membership ?>

Spa With Membership

Recently an exclusive club opened downtown and to use their facilities, one has to pay for membership.   We went for a survey in the said club and loved the pool.  as you an see, it’s a lot bigger than most pool in town.  It also has a  raypak pool heater  for all their indoor pools during the winter.  Although I still find some pool really cold, I think if you use a good pool heater, maybe, just maybe girls…

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Riding In Style ?>

Riding In Style

We started taking up riding lessons last year and the spouse and I received a pair of  Tuff Hedeman Cowboy Hats  each from his nieces for Christmas and we loved it.  And now that the kid seen our new cowboy hats, she wants one too – I’m glad we are able to order them online.  There is a pink one that is made with wool and she just adores it when she saw it, a wee bit expensive than what…

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Johnson’s Buddies No More Tangles Spray ?>

Johnson’s Buddies No More Tangles Spray

My lil’ brat’s hair doesn’t really tangle that much but seeing that she complains each time I washed her hair and get it blow dry and it gets tangled up, I thought that buying a detangler might help, so that she doesn’t whine as much. We used it twice and it didn’t seems to make a difference at all, the spray liquid smell nice but overall, it didn’t make un-tangling any easier.  So no, I won’t be buying this again. …

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Meditation Monday ?>

Meditation Monday

  So the school started having meditation Monday for all the kids in school and mine came home asking to bring a towel and a pillow for her meditation Mondays.   I found some  yogitoes here  and they would work perfect for her meditation Monday – instead of letting her bring a towel and a pillow – which obviously isn’t the right instrument to bring for meditation. I think it’s a great idea to teach the kids meditation and yoga or…

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Halloween Dress Up ?>

Halloween Dress Up

Cute dress up for Halloween for mother and daughter.  Wouldn’t you want to look as cute as your kid?  I would! and if you look at it carefully, it doesn’t cost much to dress up like that.  The tutu can be home made but the socks – now that part is a bit tricky.

Dressing Up The Kid For Back To School ?>

Dressing Up The Kid For Back To School

School just started last week and of course there are the stationary to buy for the kid and new dresses, blouse, t-shirts, jeans and skirts and as well as  marcus uniforms  for the fall season as well as the winter.  Back home when we were kids, we had only to buy 3 sets of uniforms and we are set to go but here in Canada, children have to wear their own clothing thus making it harder for parents.  How I…

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The Maury Show In Asia ?>

The Maury Show In Asia

The Asians are very conservative in their culture and of course they are quite shocked and amused with the Maury Show when they watch it for the first time. My Japanese exchange student ask me all the time if the stories are true on the show and if dna paternity testing is as easy as they make out to be. Most of these student wished that they have these paternity testing  easily too because even though Asia is  conservative, it…

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Sun Burnt And Aloe Vera Gel ?>

Sun Burnt And Aloe Vera Gel

Ouch!  and yes – the kid went for a school trip to the beach and got sun burnt bad!  we were shocked at the extend of the burn because it wasn’t that hot at all that day but I guess I was wrong – and luckily, one of her after school program teachers told us about the Aloe Vera Gel and we quickly ran out to get it and put it on her after her bath.  But just a warning…

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Baby’s Gift ?>

Baby’s Gift

I was looking for a baby gift for a friend – and finally found this light up turtle with music locally in a local store here in town.  Awesomeness and although a wee bit expensive – I think it’s a great gift.  They have pink for girls and blue for boys.  It lights up at night and serves as a night light and turn off by itself after 20 – 30 minutes.   The light up turtle helps put baby…

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Piggy Paint Nail Polish In Town ?>

Piggy Paint Nail Polish In Town

Yay! they are finally in town and I need not order it from online no more and pay for shipping.  They also have the nail polish remover as well – pretty awesome !  I will check it out next week and let you know what I’ve found and to compare prices from the USA site and the Canadian local store. Stay tuned.

Naturino Leather Shoes For Kids ?>

Naturino Leather Shoes For Kids

I had been meaning to go check out the leather boots for kids from a local store at home – which is just behind my working place but I keep skipping it because I had no time.  So finally, today I was able to go take  a look at the shoes for my kid and they were on sale – of course, that motivated me to go back with my kid.  And we did get something – hurray! In fact,…

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