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Eminence Firm Skin Acai Exfoliating Peel ?>

Eminence Firm Skin Acai Exfoliating Peel

So a few months ago, I was doing my facial and the local spa was carrying a new product and of course , anything to firm the skin is good for an old fart like I.  So I got sucked in and I wanted to try this new brand and new skin care.  At about $100 , you kinda want to be sure that it does what it says right?  It did last for a few months and I do…

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Brazilian Wax ?>

Brazilian Wax

I thought I would share my personal experience about Brazilian wax for those who are thinking of doing it or doing it for the first time.  First of all, I should have done the Brazilian wax a long time ago, I think I was shy to spread my legs open and let some other woman see my pussy , that’s the only reason why I didn’t get it done sooner. But really there is nothing to be shy about and…

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Monthly Pedicure Fail ?>

Monthly Pedicure Fail

Yes, I was supposed to do my pedicure on a monthly basis but I’m a complete fail this year again because it’s already September and I think I’ve only been for 3 pedicures thus far.  Yes total failure, just no time and because I don’t drive and need to wait for the spouse to do so and work had been so crazy and I had to deal with my kid’s emotional breakdown – a mini one, so there no time…

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Mother & Daughter Manicure ?>

Mother & Daughter Manicure

Yes, we went up to the city earlier this week and while waiting for the spouse to do his shopping , my daughter and I went into a nail shop in the city and had our nails done.  She doesn’t usually get her nails done but it’s a bonding time for us and she does love her pretty nails. The nail shop were owned by a Vietnamese family and even though they were about to close for the day, since…

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Monthly Pedicure – January ?>

Monthly Pedicure – January

It’s the take care of me year, so I’ve decided that I am going to have a pedicure on a monthly basis since last month.  So here I am having my pedicure by this Vietnamese woman at the mall.  Loved how she does my feet, although she complains how rough my feet are , so I usually tip her a lot , just because . I just wanted all my dry skin to come out and to re- color my…

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Morocca Oil Body Butter ?>

Morocca Oil Body Butter

I decided to splurge a little this month because I’ve heard so much about the Morocca Oil Brand.   I figured if it can help my dry skin for my legs, it would be worth every penny of that $55 that i’m paying for a body butter. The box looks really nice and I bought it from our local spa and one shouldn’t buy from your local spa because if you don’t like it or if it doesn’t work for…

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Best Pedicure ?>

Best Pedicure

I haven’t been to a pedicure for a long time, not because I can’t afford it but it’s because I don’t have the time.  And when I do, the spa place that I go to, just behind my work place, just isn’t available.  So I always end up not going. I finally managed to find time in the evening to go with a girlfriend and it was at the mall, I really have to find time to do my feet…

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Luscious Bath Bombs ?>

Luscious Bath Bombs

Luscious bath bombs from Lush are so delicious even to look at.  These are all handmade bath bombs and cosmetics and there were all sorts of skin care products here.  We fell in love with this place of course but as usual, anything handmade is very expensive but if you have seen Undercover Boss in Season 3, you will understand why they cost so much. We ended up buying other things from Lush but not the bath bombs because I’m…

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Gift Baskets For Christmas ?>

Gift Baskets For Christmas

Many people love to buy gift baskets for Christmas but I rather not do that because you don’t really know what kind of skin care products the other person can use.   And as much as it is easy and convenient – I still won’t get these gift baskets because you know that not everything will be used afterall, it would just be a waste of money.  But if you know what the other person is using, you can personalized gift…

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A Different Kind Of Spa ?>

A Different Kind Of Spa

It’s refreshing to see a different kind of spa – not in this town but when I was traveling recently in Rome. It is said that this fountain carries water that can be consumed for health reasons.  I didn’t drink any but it was quite different and I’ve always loved water fountain whether they are for health reasons or for others.   Many of my friends asked me where to buy water fountains  like the ones above but of course it…

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Award Winning Spa In Moncton ?>

Award Winning Spa In Moncton

Last month while in Moncton for a wedding, we visited an award winning spa there, courtesy of the bride’s family.  It was certainly a welcoming experience as it was a long drive up to Moncton for us.   As we entered the organic spa, there were  lots of  trophies and awards  displayed on the showcases and like anyone, I was curious to see what kind of awards or competition did they win in.  And yes, I was pretty impressed if you…

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Pedicure The Vietnamese Style ?>

Pedicure The Vietnamese Style

I’ve always wanted to try the pedicure at the mall but was kinda worried because I’m diabetic and cannot afford any infection due to cuts and cleanliness issues.   But I can assure you that you don’t have to worry, because not only do they sterilized their work equipment but their towels as well.  I liked that they have this huge comfy massage chair for you to sit on – and relax while they did your feet and toes. The…

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New Hair Salon In Town ?>

New Hair Salon In Town

So there is going to be a new hair salon in town – as I see them putting up some signs today and the works were all wearing  bakers gas welding supplies  from welding jackets to all their tools.   Interesting and exciting both at the same time for someone like myself, who is always looking out for a good salon or spa and always ready to give them a chance or two.  The renovations are still going and I’ve chatted…

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New Spa In Town ?>

New Spa In Town

We were up in the city for a few days and visited a new spa in town and I have to say that I really liked the new spa – love the decor especially the wooden switch plate covers and the laminated floors.   Loved that they are flexible with their hours and they were really professional and didn’t make me feel like they were in a hurry to finish with me. I also loved that they have a massage room…

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Re-Elasticizing Mask ?>

Re-Elasticizing Mask

A month ago, when I was at the spa waxing my eyebrows and my upper lips, my esthetician told me about the re-elasticizing mask, she said that this mask is so good for me – and that I should try it.  Apparently, this mask can be added to the to target  facial and it provides optimum hydration, calms and soothes, lifts and firms wit results lasting for 5 – 7 days.  Good for all skin types – and even sensitive…

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Body Shop Gift From New Orleans ?>

Body Shop Gift From New Orleans

A blogging friend from New Orleans sent these from New Orleans for New Year – they are body shop gifts that I loved so much.  Thank you so much – June! you are too sweet lah!!  I loved all my body shop gift – from face cream – to home fragrance and even something for Chloe. 10 bottles of cranberry fragrance oil – woohoo!! now that would last me for a year at least. And 2 bath lilies for Chloe…

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Beauty and Health ?>

Beauty and Health

Beauty and Health goes hand in hand and for many people – they think that woman who goes to spa does it because they want to look beautiful – but truth be told it’s because we want to be healthy as well.  Why massages, saunas and Reiki and hair do etc?  well, it’s because massage are good for blood circulation and sauna is good for ridding toxins in your body and Reiki is supposed to balance your body as well.  …

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Tinting My Eyelashes ?>

Tinting My Eyelashes

Tinting one’s eyelashes isn’t expensive at all – but what does tinting of your eyelashes do for you?  especially if you have short eyelashes like mine?  will it make it longer and more prominent?  your guess is as good as mine – so i’m making an appointment with my esthetician and go try it out and let you know – stay tune.  In the meantime, if you are thinking of doing the same thing – here’s a video I found…

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Milk & Honey For Your Nails ?>

Milk & Honey For Your Nails

Going for a spa manicure is a must every now and then – but what about those times that we can’t go for a manicure?  Well, I try to do it on my own at home – so I’m always on a look out for a good manicure kit for home use.  We all know that the dead sea mineral is said to have the best natural and rich ingredient, so I took a  look at the dead sea nail…

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Smelling Like Maple Syrup ?>

Smelling Like Maple Syrup

I’m never lazy when it comes to exfoliating my face but that’s another story when it comes to exfoliating my body.  Why?  because the body is a lot bigger area and sometimes – a quick shower is what i can afford.  Well, that was until I tried this FarmHouse Fresh Fine sugared Maple Body Scrub – costing like $23 – which is not bad at all for body scrubs – even the body shop’s body scrub cost more – and…

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