Spring Shopping ?>

Spring Shopping

 More shopping to be done during March break since we are not going for a vacation with the kids because of the bad weather.  We are still getting snow and more snow is in the forecast today.  Arrrggghhh!!!  The kid wants some shopkins , the spouse wants a new Fender Amp and I of course want more cosmetics but I’m waiting for things to come on sale.  But I do need to get my Easter gifts soon , so this…

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Samurai Sword Hair Cutting ?>

Samurai Sword Hair Cutting

Interesting but definitely scary , just saw this on youtube today and thought I would share this with you all.  Would you let someone cut your hair with a sword?  I would if he can make me look prettier , what about you?

Fisher Price Baby Swing ?>

Fisher Price Baby Swing

Yup!  we got a baby swing for p/time help , for his new baby coz’ this was one thing I regretted not getting for my baby when she was a new born.  This could have saved us lots of sleep and lots of headache because our baby was terrible at sleeping.  For the price we paid for the swing, it was definitely worth it for our p/time help at the store.  After all, you have to treat your co-workers good…

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Vichy NutriExtra Hand Cream ?>

Vichy NutriExtra Hand Cream

Vichy is not a cheap brand, so when I saw the hand cream going for $9.95, I had to get it of course.  I do love how light it is and it smells really light in fragrance..  The lotion absorbs really well and quick but not as creamy as I would like it to be.  So for $5 a tube, I think I can get a bigger and better bottle of lotion for my hands.  But it was good while…

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Jesse’s Girl’s Latest Haul ?>

Jesse’s Girl’s Latest Haul

I needed some liquid eye liner and instead of spending like $24 + tax from sephora , I decided to buy from Jesse’s girl since I’ve used it before and loved it from my previous Ipsy bag.  But of course, I had to see this eyeshadow palette for $12, so I had to get it too.  All prices are in USD , but they do ship to Canada.  I have only used the eyeshadow once and loved it and haven’t…

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Vichy LiftActiv Night ?>

Vichy LiftActiv Night

It’s is that time of the month again, to buy some night cream for myself .  Plus Shoppers was having a 18500 points if you spend more than $75 in one transaction, so I ended up buying this set because it had so much to offer. It came with a night cream, a concentrate and also another serum.  I haven’t used the concentrate and the serum yet but the night cream seems to be ok but not as rich as…

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Monthly Pedicure – January ?>

Monthly Pedicure – January

It’s the take care of me year, so I’ve decided that I am going to have a pedicure on a monthly basis since last month.  So here I am having my pedicure by this Vietnamese woman at the mall.  Loved how she does my feet, although she complains how rough my feet are , so I usually tip her a lot , just because . I just wanted all my dry skin to come out and to re- color my…

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New Car & New Insurance ?>

New Car & New Insurance

We needed a new car at home because ours is getting on in years.  We have had her for about 11 years now , as old as my daughter and since I too needed my own car, the spouse decided to buy himself a new car and give me the old one so that I can zip around town with the old car. Well, for any new car, you know you need to get new insurance put onto the car…

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The Body Shop Foundations ?>

The Body Shop Foundations

I’ve been meaning to try out some mineral foundation and when I found out that it was going on sale at the Body Shop, I had to get some right?  and for only $5 !!!!  yup ! you heard right $5 !!!!  so I ordered them immediately and it arrived 3 days later. One of them is called the Moisture Foundation SPF 15 and the other is called the Extra Virgin Minerals Foundation.  I finally tried both and love them…

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Body Shop Stock Up ?>

Body Shop Stock Up

It’s Christmas time, of course I have to stock up on my favorite Christmas cranberry scent and also some good soap from the Body shop especially when they are going at half price.  Some of their limited items are only for the holiday season, so be sure to grab some before they are gone.

A Bajilion Korean Beauty Products ?>

A Bajilion Korean Beauty Products

Easy to get in the states but a lot harder in Canada it would seems.  Why ????  I get upset just thinking about it.  Even Target in USA carries the Laneige brand but not in Canada.  Why???  I’ve written to Target Canada but they say they are now concentrating on opening their stores in Canada and online shopping or different products are still in the line up .  So upsetting ! when we all know that Korean beauty products are…

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Daily Double Prince Bag From Roots ?>

Daily Double Prince Bag From Roots

I ordered my Roots handbag like a few days ago, when I saw the 30% special for long time customers, a one day sale and I already got this this morning.  Without the 30% discount, it would be like $298 + 15% taxes , and that would come out to about $343. But because I’m so el cheapo, I didn’t buy it immediately when I saw it a few months because I knew that in October they will have some…

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Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer ?>

Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer

I already have several concealers but since everyone on youtube is raving about this one, I decided to try it out.  So what is the verdict?   It was ok, I didn’t find it spectacular or anything. Not something I can do without , I think I really need a high end concealer that double up as a highlighter.  The concealer was like $9.99 + tax I think, so it wasn’t too, too expensive and it took like a million clicks…

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Early Christmas Shopping ?>

Early Christmas Shopping

Firstly, I cannot resist a sale and secondly if it is something i needed to get for someone on my Christmas list, why not   get one  as soon as I see that it is cheaper than its usual asking price and I get my Christmas shopping done. I usually look out for things I need to get for Christmas presents and as soon as they come on sale, I would buy them.  Now if it doesn’t come on sale…

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My Last Ipsy Bag Review ?>

My Last Ipsy Bag Review

Yes, this is my last ipsy bag review and I’ve canceled my order in October after trying it for a few months.  There is no obligation when you sign up and you get 4 – 5 items depending on the survey you took when you first signed up.  It could be hair products, make up and hand creams or/some beauty products.  The cost is USD $10 and since I’m in Canada, I had to pay an extra $5 for shipping…

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Kate White Eye Lash Maximizer ?>

Kate White Eye Lash Maximizer

Yes! i finally received my Kate White eyelash maximizer that I’ve forgotten that I got my spouse to order from ebay ! hahah!  I guess I’m just getting too many things in the mail.  But yes, I tried it immediately the next day and it did work !  so for that $12 USD and another $2.50 in shipping , it was worth it.  Plus I honestly forgotten all about it and even though it came all the way from Hong…

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Wet & Wild Floral Bouquet Eyeshadow ?>

Wet & Wild Floral Bouquet Eyeshadow

I’ve heard so many good things about the Wet & Wild Cosmetic , unfortunately, I haven’t seen any here in my small town.  So when I chance upon it at Walmart – I had to get something even though i didn’t need anything.   Afterall, how can one go wrong with eyeshadow that is less than $4 !!  yes, ! so darn cheap right? If you haven’t tried wet & wild , I say to go out and get some ,…

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Japanese Oil Blotter ?>

Japanese Oil Blotter

We were in the city the other day and saw this face blotter in a Japanese store and wanted to try it out.  On the left is the one that I use on a daily basis because this brand is way cheaper than some other brand that I started using. The Japanese blotter is at $5 and the other generic one is less than $4, which one is better?  I see no difference in both, they both do the job…

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Ipsy Bag : September ?>

Ipsy Bag : September

As usual, I got my Ipsy bag around the middle of the month.  And it came in the same package and as always, I’m excited about receiving anything that is cosmetic to help me stay presentable.  For those who are not aware of this, the Ipsy bag is from USA and you have to subscribe to it monthly but you can discontinue anytime you want.   For those of you who wants to subscribe to the Ipsy bag and receive some…

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Wedding Season ?>

Wedding Season

Wedding season is not coming to an end just because summer is over, in fact I still have several weddings to attend in the fall.  I love weddings with  dj  and dance floor, so that we can dance the night away and enjoy some couple time because it’s so romantic during weddings. I don’t mind live bands as well but I prefer djs as they play the latest songs and have the latest music that everyone like.  I think older…

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